Associate Professor of Voice,
Northwestern University
"Peace is not about the absence of war but the presence of love. Soprano singer [Pamela Hinchman] whose love connection with music has the capacity to connect and heal the bonds of our humanity."

“Soprano Pamela Hinchman, with confident coloratura and saucy manner, reigned supreme as Adina, her voice more spinto than purely lyric.”

“As sung and played by Pamela Hinchman, Susanna cast a glow into the theater whenever she was onstage.”

“The best singing onstage came from the charming Pamela Hinchman, whose coy ‘Laughing Song’ in Act II was one of the highlights of the show, sweet and just a tad naughty.”

“Pamela Hinchman as a quintessential Norma had phenomenal bravura coloratura.”

“The Russian soloists received highly professional advice in the art of singing and breathing.”

“Her teaching was outstanding and our Lativan students and teachers learned so much from her.”


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